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From A Hidden Kingdom In The Heart of The Himalayas 

History - The Game of 63

An Ancient Game from The Himalayas



The game of 63 has its origins in Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon. This ancient kingdom, nestled between Tibet, India and Nepal, is a place out of time where traditional life thrives in the shadow of the world's greatest mountain range. Deep in the isolated Himalayan Mountains, it is not uncommon for the mountain village men to huddle together to play this game.



They mark out 63 spots using twigs forming a roughly circular playing area. Each player gathers their own set of distinctive tokens from what's available around them. They use blades of grass, plant stems, stones and sticks of different sizes and anything else they can easily find.



The dice are made from yak bone. Each player takes their turn, shaking the dice in a small hardened leather bowl and slamming it down in the centre of the board. The game is played with great enthusiasm and often the outcomes are gambled on. It is a timeless game of opportunity, luck, and strategy from one of the last timeless places left on Earth.



The Game 63 by Ancient Kingdoms Ltd.